SYMPTOM Eclipse seems to hang at the login screen, or the first loaded page after the user has logged in.

POTENTIAL SOLUTION Docstar has changed the way the help system works in newer versions, using a third-party service called WalkMe. Most corporate anti-malware appliances, and browser based ad block addons view WalkMe as a tracker, as the URL loaded and session info is sent to them so when the user hits Help, it'll pop a page relevant to their current page (hosted on If this is one of the first calls made, and the request is flat out blocked, you may see a lengthy hang until it times out. To fix this, * needs to be whitelisted in the ad blocker or network appliance.

This is not the only cause of slow page loads, but added to the other request that happens on first load, you may see whitelisting the help provider make a somewhat significant impact on speed. This will not help with workflow slowness, just page loads.