Description: After upgrading to 18.2, some customers may experience Java errors or indexing problems randomly in Docstar. The cause is due to Java by default being limited to 512mb of memory.

Software Version: 18.2+

Solution: Follow these steps to increase memory allotment. The instructions here increase the limit to 12GB but you can change it to any increment of 1024 (1GB).

1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Astria Solutions Group\Eclipse Server Services\solr\bin and edit the file with Notepad++.

2. Search for "mem" and remove the "REM" from the line set SOLR_JAVA_MEM=-Xms512mb -Xmx512mb.

3. Change the 512 value to any increment of 1024 you'd like (ie 2048/12288 for 2/12GB). Solr will only use what it requires but if the server only has 12GB of memory, obviously don't set it that high. Save your changes.

4. You will need to manually start solr within command prompt in order to effect this change. Open Services and stop the Eclipse Solr Management Service. Open cmd as an Administrator and run the following statements in order:

    cd \

    cd "Program Files\Astria Solutions Group\Eclipse Server Services\solr\bin"

    solr stop

    solr start

Restart the Eclipse Solr Management Service in Services. Wait roughly 30s for Solr to fully load and come back online.