Description: Fujitsu scanner settings don't integrate too well with the basic settings of Docstar. Docstar settings like autosize detection/deskew/despeckle conflict with Fujitsu settings.

In this instance, I will set up 'duplex scanning' with 'blank page removal' (even if they're scanning single sided documents, the back sides will be dropped) and 'blank page splitting':

to split on blank pages:

Only change the following basic settings:

1. Check off 'duplex'.

2. Check off 'remove blank pages'

3. Check 'split on blank pages' (front side) in Document split method

4. Set margins and threshold (These numbers seem to work well in most circumstances) -

  • 200 pixels for all
  • 30 pixel threshold

Now go to advanced settings.


5. paper source - set to feeder both sides (duplex)

6. paper size = scanner's maximum

7. set resolution to what you want.


8. set vertical streak reduction to 'on'


9. Cropping = auto size (long page)

10. Blank page detection = off

Paper Feeding

to set double feed detection:

multifeed detection = detect and then stop and show image