Software (include version): DocStar

Use Case: The customer wanted to create a unique link that could be stored in their ERP (Intacct), which when clicked would launch the document in DocStar.  would like a field in DocStar to link to a document. Sample below will search using InvoiceNumber, VendorID, Comapany.

This was used by Valvoline Henley they exported the field to their ERP so that they could run the query from ERP

Customer: Valvoline Henley

Prerequisites: N/A


  1. In DocStar, create a field to store the URL (ex: DocStar_URL)
  2. In the workflow, use the Advanced format task to create the URL
    http://HEI-Docstar/Eclipseweb/#Retrieve/search/qs/InvoiceNumber:"{0}" AND VendorID: "{1}" AND Company: "{2}"

Helpful Links: Screenshot of advanced format