Software (include version): Ancora, DocStar IDC, Epicor IDC    

Use Case: This is useful for when client would like to extract both account number and invoice date to use for invoice number. This is done mostly for invoice like utility bills or service bills that don't use an invoice number. AP depts. use the combination of account number and invoice date to make the invoice number




  1. Concatenate Account Number + invoice date into invoice number 

    invoice date display mmddyyyy

    ex...  12345678 05112022                                                                                                     STRJOIN(FT_ACCOUNTNUMBER," ",STRRIGHT(FT_ISSUE_DATE,4),STRLEFT(FT_ISSUE_DATE,4))

  2. ex... 12345678-05112022                                                                                                          STRJOIN(FT_ACCOUNT_NO,"-",STRRIGHT(FT_INVOICE_DATE,4),STRLEFT(FT_INVOICE_DATE,4))

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