Software (include version): Ancora, DocStar IDC, Epicor IDC

Use Case: Client has many batches that need to be deleted 


Prerequisites: There is a way behind the scenes to delete multiple batches using a simple SQL update statement in the ancoraDocsServerDB. change DB name based on version of IDC


  1. The table you will need to edit is dbo.batch and the column that needs to be updated is State.

  2. You will need to find the batch ID's or a identifier across all batches for this to work using the where clause. The State you will need to apply is '9'. State '9' means deleted. 

  3. The update statement will look similar to this. The below will set the two batches with ID's to deleted.

    update Batch

    set State = 9

    where ID IN ('C576DF15-8479-4FBF-ACB4-02A3452254F8','6614CA0D-C1D6-4266-B762-067B17FFBFFD')

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