Software (include version): DocStar ECM, Epicor ECM

Use Case: 

This is using the roleid and pulling back all the users in that group. 

This example is from IFP - pulling back all the users in the transportation group and the 

and @UserName is filtering by the user name

Customer: IFP

Prerequisites: Datalink


  1. SQL statement

select [Astria_Host].[dbo].[User].[id], [Astria_host].[dbo].[User].[Username] from [Astria_Host].[dbo].[user]

INNER JOIN AAAA0001.dbo.RoleMembership ON [Astria_Host].[dbo].[User].[Id] = AAAA0001.dbo.RoleMembership.UserId

where AAAA0001.dbo.RoleMembership.RoleId = 'E46A19A7-7636-EB11-8102-005056970273' and [Astria_host].[dbo].[User].[Username] = @UserName 

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