NOTE _ PLUGIN - make sure you use BATCH TYPE NAME not DFD - (old documents said DFD)

NOTE: USE the plugin for clients until we hear back on the SQL (non-plugin) method as they are having issues with this working. I will update once we get ok to use the SQL formula method. CB

Software (include version): DocStar IDC

Use Case: Client wants to export Data Verify user to DocStar

Customer: Kens Foods

Prerequisites: Plugin files - in folder path listed below in Helpful Links


2 Methods of getting Data Verify - Method 1 (Non-Plugin) works fine when implemented in 9.11.9260

Modify below sql to use your client sql data source

Non-Plugin Method:

    1. Use the following formula on that field and check off autocalculate and set to hidden (if you don't want the value to show)

SQLEXEC(STRJOIN("SELECT D.USERNAME FROM [epicorIdcServerDb].[dbo].[UserData] D LEFT JOIN [epicorIdcServerDb].[dbo].[UserSession] U ON D.ID = U.USERID LEFT JOIN [epicorIdcServerDb].[dbo].[SessionTask] S ON U.ID = S.USERSESSIONID WHERE S.BATCHID = '",EVALEXPR("$(BatchId)"),"' AND S.ROLEID = 30 AND S.STATUS = 'ACTIVE'"))

  2. Add the SQL connection string to the validation list setting in Batch Type 

ex... Data Source=LECTRONTEST\EPICORECM;Initial Catalog=epicorIdcServerDb;User ID=sa;Password=PASSWORD

Plugin Method: see attached pdf and supporting files

  1. See Helpful Links for plugin and instruction pdf

  2. 9.1 and above NOTE: Make sure you update the workflow-config.xml connection string in the  for if admin pwd is different

Helpful Links: