Software (include version): Ancora, DocStar IDC and Epicor IDC

Use Case: Need to reset the admin password

Customer: N/A

Prerequisites: Connection to the SQL instance


  • Run the following query     UPDATE [dbo].[UserData] SET [PasswordSalt] = null, [PaswordHash] = N'sha1:64000:18:esxOLJ5ka46q+bPDveQxx7KxallTKTrx:rwC0ywXkeHjbSD/lXcUKrECP', [PassChangedOn] = null WHERE [Username] = 'Admin' 

  • NOTE: Remove the value [PassChangedOn] = NULL if that field is not in the table - This depends on version

  • Also run the followng for version 9.2 or later

DELETE FROM [dbo].[UserSettings] WHERE SettingName = 'WebClientAdminPasswordInitialized' AND UserId = 'E88701CD-B3D3-436C-80CF-DEDF502D9372'

If the account is also locked out you will need to run the SQL query outlined in article "Reset locked Account"

Helpful Links: Link to my ticket with Ancora for point of reference

Ancora ticket regarding Admin reset