Description: This is an error that will appear in batch history when a batch fails at Recognition station: Error occured: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

Software Version: All

Solution: This error occurs because of the page size of either one, multiple, or all of the pages in the document throwing off the anchors that Artsyl uses. The page sizes need to be corrected to fix this error.

1. Save the document out of Artsyl by clicking on the export original document button on the left side of monitoring station.

2. I used print import to Docstar to print the document which corrected all page sizes that were not 8 x 11.

3. I then saved the copy out of Docstar and dropped that new copy into the hotfolder which resolved the issue.

Notes: There may be a faster way to fix the page size using adobe but I was unsure how to do that.