Description: A guide on how to get Artsyl installed on a client's machine

Software Version: Any


1. Navigate to the location of the Setup path, can vary from customer to customer but usually setup to be a network location so that it can be accessed when needed.

2. Save Artsyl Prerequisites 1 and DocAlpha stations setup locally for a quicker install.

3. Run Prerequisites first. This is straightforward as it will auto select the components that it needs to install based on what is missing from your machine. You don't have to restart your computer when prompted.

NOTE: Nothing is checked off in the screenshot below because they have already been installed on this machine.

4. Once that finishes, run the setup for the DocAlpha stations.

5. During the setup, select only the needed stations(usually just verification), batch manager, and any needed OCR engines(If unsure, I just select Nuance OCR Engine to be safe).

6. Change the Server IP to either the name of the server or its IP. Check off skip credentials configurations as well.

7. After the install, run the installed station to ensure that it is working correctly. If you can't log in, check the connection settings to ensure that the IP is correct.