Software: IDC 9.3

Use Case: Company has invoices that auto export with incorrect field values such as date or total. New training is required.

If they are going to want to see the test batch(s) in data verify, we have to turn off the skip data verification. But since they are cloud hosted, we have to restart the automated client service on the cloud server, so you will need to tell us after you turn it off. Then they can delete the training data either in data verify or under the configuration section for training data.

In Data Verify, right mouse click on the image thumbnail, and under Training data is the option to delete it. Just remember this only deletes the 1 set of training data that is assigned to that particular document. There can be multiple training data sets for similar documents.

To remove all training data associated with the specific form type (aka vendor), do to the admin tab, and select Training Data under System. You can then select a Unique field value option, choose the field and the unique value that isolates the specific (vendor) training data you want to delete, It will show you how many data items were found.

**In the case of Bane Care, the unique field I used to find training data items for a vendor is FT_CLASSIFY.

My method of choice is to turn off skip data verification (remember it’s an option on either the system configuration or the batch type, you need to check both), and tell us to restart the service. Then you would delete the specific training data via option 2 above and import samples to retrain the forms on.

Otherwise, assuming it’s only the forms going to data verification in the first place that need retraining, just have the operators delete the training data in data verify, make changes to capture the form correctly and save the batch. Then right mouse click on the image icon and select reprocess batch, which will run it back through capture to see the potential results of the new training. It will either go back to data verify if needed or will skip directly to export if all the fields are valid. You can also turn off skip data verification on this method as well if they always want to see the results of the updated training.

Be advised, in some cases it might take more than one pass back through reprocess to get the training data to stick and apply. Also depends on how busy the system is with data capture, as data capture has to write the new training data changes out to be used by the system and that can take a little while if the system is busy.

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