Description: You may run into issues with this scanner, mostly in eclipse, if the ISIS driver and Windows drivers are mismatched. This is quite easy to do if you get the drivers from Panasonic's site, as the 3065 device driver they have linked is two versions old, but the ISIS driver is the latest release. Issues that could indicate this are scan buttons graying out but the scanner never going, the scanner popping an error that it's busy, or just flat out the scanner not showing up in the client or the web interface.

Software: All


To fix this, you can do the following, making sure not to skip any steps or try to take shortcuts:

1. Turn off the scanner.

2. Once the scanner is off, uninstall all of the Panasonic software. There should be the two drivers, possibly a program called MCD, and possibly Image Capture Plus, among others. Do not reboot when these uninstallers tell you to.

3. Uninstall all of the eclipse client, making sure to do the actual Eclipse Client entry last.

4. Reboot the computer.

5. Access the TechDisk, grab the file called 3065 Wonderpack, and extract it to a folder.

6. Run the installers in here, and reboot once you get them all installed.

7. Reinstall the eclipse client. Reboot one more time.

8. Have user turn the scanner back on, and do a test scan. It should complete successfully.