Description: a Panasonic model 5055 experiences a double feed error whenever it draws in more than one page at a time. The immediate effect of a double feed is that your scanning will stop, the LED will signal there's an error, and your Panasonic software will popup an error informing you that the double feed occurred. 

Scanner Model: Panasonic KV-S5055c

Solution: The easiest, quickest possible fix for this issue is that the double feed detectors are dirty and need cleaning. Keep in mind that there are slight openings at the edges of these sensors, and there could be debris stuck in this area, so be watchful for this. The best method for cleaning is to focus compress air spray at them, clearing out any dust buildup. If they still appear dirty, then using a microfiber cloth soaked in a bit of rubbing alcohol and wiping them off will clean them up further. The following photos show where these detectors are located in your scanner, a 5055 Panasonic.

1. Open the back cover. You'll find the first sensor towards the top (underneath the feed rollers secured with the green clip). Begin spraying. If you notice debris still on it, use the cloth to further clean.

2. With cover still open, you'll find the bottom double feed detector here. Proceed with cleaning from step 1. - 

Please also examine the rubber coated replaceable rollers for signs of excessive wear. Worn down rollers could also be a cause for double feed errors. If they need to be replaced, call or email PIF ( and we'll gladly send a technician out with a replacement kit.

How to clean consumable rollers:

You will need: cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol

1. Remove paper feed roller module:

2. Wipe paper feed module rollers with cloth.