Description: PIF sometimes receives alerts from Dell informing us that server hardware such as a hard drive requires firmware updates.  

Server Models Affected: Could be any Dell server.


  1. Download the Dell Nautilus utility at:
  2. Run the file to extract the utility.
  3. Files are extracted by default to C:\Dell\Drivers\125P6\
  4. Navigate to this location, specifically C:\Dell\Drivers\125P6\Nautilus SAS-SATA EFI A19\Nautilus_efi_A19
  5. Insert a flash drive into a USB port.
  6. Run USBMake.exe as Administrator by right clicking on the file and choosing 'Run As Administrator'.
    If your USB drive is not listed click 'Find USB Drives' then select your USB drive and click Install to USB Flash Drive (this will format the USB drive)
  7. Restart server.
  8. Very soon after the server starts up again, you’ll see a Dell logo in the top left of your screen along with a progress bar. At this point, you’ll want to press the ‘F11’ function key.

  1. At the boot manager main menu, select “one-shot UEFI boot menu”.

  1. Select the flash drive you had connected to USB.

  1. Once the Nautilus firmware update utility loads, click the play button to run tests to see if firmware updates are needed.

  1. Firmware updates to hard drive(s) will be applied. After you see confirmation of this, click the exit link.

  1. Power off the computer by pressing and holding the power button for 1-3 seconds. Turn it back on again.