Description: This is the proper method for merging one or more documents together inside the Eclipse/DocstarECM software.

Software Version: 15.x and later.


1. The  first thing to note: You cannot merge a document from the Workflow Tab. If you are in the workflow tab this function will not show.

2. Instead we need to pull them up from the retrieve tab.

    a. If the documents you want to merge are in the workflow tab click on the workflow button the left (see image below).

    b. Otherwise do a search to bring both documents up.

3. Next check off your first document (this one will be on the top and all merged documents will have this title and keywords).

4. Next check off your second, third, fourth, and so on.

5. Lastly,  on the left-hand side, go to Actions -> Merge

6. You will get a confirmation pop up letting you know which documents will merge. Just click okay here and you’re good to go!