Description: It's very easy to add groups and users to a security class

Software Version: ALL


Note: Admins with rights to edit users and security groups will be able to follow these instructions.

1) Log into eclipse and go to the ADMIN Tab - you will find the manage section (First block on the left)

2) Click on Security Classes 

3) From here you can create a new class by entering the name of the new class in the Name section. You can edit existing Classes bu selecting the security class from the drop down.

4) Click Add User or Add Group to specify what you are looking to add to

5) Clicking on Add User brings up the list of users you can add to the list. Highlight and hit select on the user. You will notice their username show up in the Users box.

---Add Group opens a window of the list of groups you have added users to. So instead of adding the users individually, you add the groups they are assigned. Highlight and select.

In the Rights box (below) will allow you to give those users the proper rights modify documents in that security class. Hover over each right to get a brief description of what that right does.