Description: Sometimes Scans don't come in the right way, but Eclipse gives you the option to rotate all or just one page.

Software Version: All


Once you pull up a document (Either by Retrieve -> Actions -> View or by looking at the document right after you scan it) you have the option to edit you page(s). 

The buttons circled are as followed: Rotate ALL Pages 90 Degrees left | One Page 90 Degrees Left | One Page 90 Degrees Right | All Pages 90 degrees right.


Sometimes all the pages come in different directions. There is suppose to be an option for you to CTRL + CLICK the documents you want to rotate and rotate them. But this doesn't appear to work. Do not worry, the manufacturer knows about this and there is a submission for this as a Betterizer (meaning, at some point, there will be a newer version of Eclipse with this option).