Description: You have a handful of documents that need to be changed to one specific thing? (In this article it'll show the bulk change of Security Classes) It's simple, and less of a hassle.

Software Version: 17.20+.


Pull up all the documents in the retrieve tab. 

1) You need to make sure you have the search column for what you want to change. You can add columns by clicking this button:

2) Select the column from the list by hitting the plus button next to it. 

**It'll move over into the display columns, where you can freely drag the field to the position you'd like. 

3) Check all the documents needing change. You can actually display up to 1,000 documents PER Page. 

4) On the Security tab, click the little pencil to open the edit pop-up 

5) Select from the drop down what class you need to change them all to.

Once you hit OK, all documents will change their security class.