Description: The Automation Service needs to run in desktop mode in circumstances like when a customer is set up on the cloud, but has datalinks set up on a regular desktop PC. The Automation Service needs to be running, as that's the only way those datalinks will run. 

It also has to be running with customers running Sage software (Timberline).

Software Version:  Eclipse 15.x


AW Perry - Session: Docstar AWP (MRIcloudinvoicesearch datalink)


1. Create a debug.bat file in Notepad / Notepad++.

2. Insert the following code into debug.bat and then save file.

@echo off
tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq Astria.Client.WindowsServices.AutomationService.exe" | findstr "Astria.Client.WindowsServ"
if ERRORLEVEL == 1 goto startprog
goto eof
start /min cmd /c
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Astria Solutions Group\Eclipse Client Service\Astria.Client.WindowsServices.AutomationService.exe" debug

3. Send debug.bat as a shortcut to desktop. Rename it Eclipse Desktop Service Mode. Edit its properties to choose the Eclipse globe icon.

4. Stop Eclipse Automation Service.

5. Open Eclipse Desktop Service Mode.