Description: We sometimes see confusion regarding the difference between the Save and Submit buttons when viewing a document. Here’s a quick explanation of the difference between the two:

Software  Version: Eclipse (all versions)


Save: Save preserves changes to the makeup of a document. Things like:

  • annotations: highlights, sticky notes, stamps, and redactions
  • changes made to content fields and line items
  • page or full document rotations
    • Note: deleting and reordering pages will save instantly -- there’s no undo!


Submit: Submit takes your entries in the workflow panel and also completes a save action. This moves the workflow process forward and sends your documents to the next phase of their process.


If you attempt to navigate away from a document, DocStar will ask you if you wish to save changes, but it won’t ask you to submit your changes. When filing, you should most often stick to clicking on Submit to move your documents ahead. Remember, saving doesn’t affect workflow.