Description: Can't find your scanner in the dropdown for devices

Software Version: 17.20.xxxxx

1) The most important thing is to make sure your scanner is ON and properly plugged into the computer and the power outlet. 

--It's best to unplug the usb and plug it back in on both ends (Scanner and Computer) to make sure it's in all the way. 

--You can also run a power cycle on the scanner, this may also help. The instructions to do so are found here: How to: Power cycle a scanner

2) Make sure your Eclipse Client is connected properly. Instructions on how to make sure yours is up and running can be found here: My Scanner has Disappeared or Other Client Service Issues

--If you use more than one computer, you may be connected to the wrong client. You'll need to connect it to the PC you are currently using. To find out the name: Start Menu > My Computer > Right Click > Properties, You'll see the name right in the middle. After you do this, follow these instructions to make sure you connect right: My Docstar client is not connected

3) Lastly, you may need to reinstall your scanner drivers. You will want to delete all instances of your drivers by uninstalling any drivers previously installed. 

--Commonly, customers use Panasonic Scanners. You can find an article on installing Panasonic Drivers here: How Two: Install Panasonic Isis Drivers

--if you scan directly to Eclipse with another scanner, the best suggestion is google: (Scanner Model) Isis Drivers. Follow the instructions, and make sure you do this all as a Domain Admin 

--If you scan into a folder and do batch imports, you can set up your scanner drivers anway that works for you. The scanner will not need Isis drivers, and you will not need to do anything special to make sure the imports work.