Description: If you feel documents are missing, here are a couple things to do to see if the user can view it

Software Version: All


A user must have rights to view a document. If they cannot see them, you need to ask yourself, first, if they have Rights to View Documents in that Security Class. You can follow the steps in How to Add Users and/or Groups to a Security Class to even assist you in checking if they have permission to it. 

You will also need to make sure that the Workflow and Content Type have the same Security Class. Example: Ryan has rights to view Test Security Class, but not Admin, he will have trouble seeing the document. So in your Content Builder, if it looks like this: 

If Ryan needs to see the content of Content Type: Test1 - it will need to look like this:

The Security Classes will need to match. 


Another option is that Wild Card searching is not set up for everyone, so you will have to manually select it in your User Preferences


If you are still having trouble finding a document (and Everyone else, especially an Admin, is, as well), try a Delete and ReIndex

It can be a lengthy Process, if you have a lot of documents, but worth it if you're suddenly missing 1,000 of them.