Description: Sometimes a scanner takes upwards of 10 seconds to feed in pages. This is due to a scan setting, specifically when page size is set to "scanner's maximum." + Autocrop.

Versions: All


A surefire way to know that scanner's maximum has been selected is when a scan looks like the following: 

Process (for deselecting this setting):

1. Make sure your scan setting is selected from the drop down.

2. Press the Edit button.

3. Press the "Advanced Settings" button.

4. Change page size to "letter size." I've noticed that even if you scan in legal size documents, the scanner will capture the additional length.

Make sure you enable Automatic Crop, a well. If the crop is greyed out, you can follow along with this article: Autocrop and Deskew greyed out

5. Press "OK" and then select 'Save'.