Description: When new batch imports are setup and documents are not importing correctly, there are a few things to check to solve this problem.

Software Version: All.


1) Import folders can be set up on one computer (Example, a computer that is a specified scan station), but have the import done on another PC. You will need to make sure the Eclipse Automation Service is signed in with a Domain Admin. 

Right click on the taskbar > Task manager > Services > Open Services 

--Right click > Properties

Log on > This Account > Domain Administrator username/Password

You will need to restart the Eclipse Automation Service afterwards.

2) The user does not have Security rights to import. Users should have an Administrative right for "Batch Imports" as well as "Add To" rights to the Security classes specified for the Content Type.

If you are seeing a "Complete with errors" and each of these are taken care of - double check your Workflow and see if the Security Class is different. This isn't a common occurrence, but whoever set up the Workflow may have expected it to be for one class, but the content type was set up different. 

You can check a Workflow Security class by going into Workflow > opening workflow in question and hitting Edit on the green start.