Description: Scanning, importing, printing, processing documents - the Docstar Client helps you do 90% of the work in Docstar. Here's how to receive on.

Software: ALL


  1. Log into Eclipse in your web browser.
  2. Click on the "Capture Tab"
  3. You should receive a prompt to install the client. Click on "Install Client Services"

    (Alternate Eclipse Client Installation:
    If the pop-up box to install the client services doesn’t appear that means the selection to hide the popup
    was chosen. Instead, click on the “Capture” tab, then click on the verbiage “No Eclipse Client
    Selected” and the Eclipse Client Connection dialog box will appear. Click the “install/Update Client
    Services” button to initiate the installation. A dialog box will appear to DOWNLOAD and RUN the
    installation process. Once completed, the Client Service will be accessible in the Windows Task Bar.)

  4. Navigate to your downloads folder and right click "Client Service Setup.exe" and then select "Run As Administrator"
  5. Check off “I agree to the license…” and then click install.
  6. After it finishes installing click close. It will then open up eclipse in the system tray.

  7. Restart your PC.

  8. Open up the client and log in (This should match the user logged into the web browser in the web browser. If users have Single Sign on [windows credentials], use the check box above "User Name")

    • Also ensure the "Eclipse URL" matches the base of your URL (example: http://example/EclipseWeb).

      Eclipse Client Service Installation and Configuration

      Eclipse Client Configuration:

      To access the Eclipse Client, click the arrow on the Windows Task Bar and select the globe icon. If it is

      not there but has been installed, then the client has been closed manually. Through Windows, find the

      Eclipse Client Service program and click to run the program.

  9. Next go to configure service and sign in again.

    Eclipse Client Service Installation and Configuration

    Under the Configure Service tab, the same steps used on the Login tab need to be repeated. Enter the

    Eclipse URL along with the specific user’s Eclipse login credentials. Click the “Save” button on the

    bottom right. Once saved, check the box for “image” so native documents have images rendered for the

    users to see. Office can be checked if Microsoft Office Integration is going to be used on the user’s

    machine. Checking “Workflow” is only needed if the Advanced Workflow module was purchased.

    • After you log-in, check off "Enable Automatic Updates".

Side note: If you want to user Microsoft Office Integration, just go to the "Modules" tab in the client and click on "Office Integration" and it will do the rest!