Description: You have a workflow that is capturing a section of a page/pages and you want to edit it because it isn't capturing correctly, you want it to capture more, etc.

Software: All



  1. From the eclipse home page, click on the admin tab
  2. Go to the workflow column and click on workflow designer(you must have workflow administrator rights)
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the workflow who's OCR you'd like to edit
  4. Click on edit step on the step who's OCR you want to edit (might be named OCR but could be something else
  5. Select the action that has the OCR task in it and click edit
  6. Select the task that has the OCR in it and click edit

  7. Click on the Get Region button to edit the OCR region

  8. Search the document that you want to use as the template for the OCR (should have the same layout as all the other documents going through this workflow so that the OCR grabs the right thing everytime)

  9. click on the document, then right click on the preview and go to Recognition->Get region

  10. Left click and drag to select the part of the page that you want to OCR, note that you can zoom in with the mouse wheel to get closer and be more precise. Click OK once you have selected the region to save your selection.

  11. Click OK all the way back to the main workflow designer page and then click on save to save your changes.

  12. Test your OCR! Run a document through the workflow and ensure that the OCR is grabbing the text correctly and entering it to the field or document text.