Description: Outlook imports taking forever to render/import and tell you to "Click to Download"

Software Version: All



There is a list of steps to check and make sure that the user is able to render these documents.

*Make Sure Clients are Running, if noticing stuck documents in the queue. If you see Process Queues in the Distributed Queue, click them and make sure they are not disabled*

1) Configure Service - the user is logged in and has "Office" checked off as their Process Queue (Office must be installed on the machine in which the client is running) . 

  1a) Make sure the latest version is installed for their Client. Click "Check for Updates Now" 

2) Is the Eclipse Automation Service running?

Run Task Manager, check services. If it's Stopped, right click and start service.

    2a) If the user does not have access to stop/start this service, you can actually start it in the Eclipse Client.

Open the Eclipse Client, go to Log Viewer, Automation Service. The button will be Red, if it's stopped and it will say "Start Service"

Reimport an email and try again. Keep an eye on the Distribution Queue, and note any errors that show up (when a fail-count is available)