Description: Whenever there's an error scanning (Ex: double feeding, jamming, etc...), the Panasonic user utility will report the error code.


(Error Code: U18 -18080000) 


1. Match the classification code (the first 3 digits prior to the dash (Error Code: U18 -18080000) ). 

    In the example error code above, we see that a U18 means that "paper remains in the scanner, or     dust is attached around a sensor."

2. The next two digits are the ST1 code. In the above example (Error Code: U18-18080000) , we have an 18 for the ST1. Let's find what an 18 for the ST1 generally means - 

1x refers to a paper jam error. Let's narrow that code down further - 

U18 with an ST1 of '18' means "document remains in scanner (ST2 Sensor information)." 

The ST2 are the next two digits of the error code (Error Code: U18 -18080000)

A 08 in binary is the fourth position on the binary scale (read from right to left - 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0). We see from the above diagram that this is labeled as bit 3. If bit 3 (the exit sensor) is on, ST2 will be an 8. 

In Summary, we traced error code U18-18080000 to find out what is wrong with this scanner. 

It's a paper jam being read by the exit sensor. 

To fix, we need to clear out dust/debris from this sensor.