Description:  Content can be captured via a desktop scanner using your devices’s ISIS drivers.

Versions: All

First, Install DocStar client services

Then, To Scan:

  1. Align your paper and place them in the scanner’s feeder

  2. Click the Capture tab

  3. Click on the scan accordion bar to Expand Scan options

  4. Select the Content Type that best fits the item(s) to be scanned

  5. Select your Device and scan Settings

  6. Click Direct Scan OR Preview Scan:
    1. Direct Scan uploads the file(s) immediately after scanning is complete.

    2. Preview Scan, the scanned file will display in the grid below the scan settings.

      Review each item and make any necessary changes.  When you are ready to commit these files to Docstar/Epicor and upload them into your site, click Submit

NOTE:  If the scan section is greyed out and inaccessible, the DocStar client services may need to be installed or configured first.