Description: Creating a list is helpful to the end user when it comes to entering information.

Software Version: All



Lists are used for anything from: Companies, users, customers, products

It's recommended that you use a program like "Microsoft Excel" to help Alphabetize your list before placing it in Docstar.

Lists commonly start with the first item in the list. To bypass that, you would need to put a blank space at the top (Space > Enter > First item on the list)

Adding it to a workflow Is not as complicated as it sounds.  Find "Dropdown" in the task Library:

Once it's added, a screen like this will come up. Give it an output field, a user prompt (customer, company name, technician) and the type of text using. 

You then want to select "List Name" radio dial and choose the list you have saved.

Hit ok, when you're all set and don't forget to save the workflow