Description: All Advance Settings are different for Different scanners. Displayed is a 1046C/1065C. This is To give you an Idea of what you can find in the Adv. Settings. We recommend creating test settings and playing around until you find your perfect setting.

Version: Panasonic [But may be used in reference to others]




Paper Source: Simplex, Duplex

Page Size: Scanner sizes range, so do paper sizes. You can scan anywhere from Business Card sizes to over Legal Sizes. There is a setting for Scanners Maximum - which he highly suggest you check off "Automatic Crop"  (We have two articles Panasonic 5055 and 3065 on how to adjust the reference plates. Most scanners have a white and black reference plate - these [both] are to be set to Black for the Options to be highlighted)



Binary Image:

Gray Image:

Color Image:


Control Sheet: