Description: Here's a list of the actions you'll find working in Docstar [Eclipse] and their descriptions. You might find other links to articles that show you how to perform certain actions. You may not see all the actions, as you may not have the rights to view them.

Software: These actions are from 18.2+



Retrieve Tab Actions


View – Opens up the document(s) selected

Email – Be able to email a Document *SMTP set up or “Open in Outlook” if available

Export – Export to CSV – Export to HTML – 

Merge – Combines 2 or more documents into ONE Document. Go here to learn how to do it.

Modify Security – Opens a popup window to adjust the security Class [settings] of a specific Document

Move To – Move a Document to an Inbox or Folder. Click Here to learn how to do it.

Package – [Requires PackageWorks] Option(s) to: Add To Package, Archive Package, De-Archive Package, Create Package, Cleanup; Clone, Send Submission, Switch Package Type, Reset Package

Print – Ability to Print Documents

Records Management – you can choose from: Record Category, Freeze, UnFreeze, Set Cutoff Date. Click Here for more information

Remove – From Folder(s) and/or Inbox(es), Remove from Folders, Remove from Inbox. Click Here to learn how to do it.

Request Approval – Although the Workflow doesn’t ask for an Approval, you can submit the document for Approval from another user.

Save a Copy – Download a copy of the document(s)

Set Due DateSystem will email the Workflow Administrator once a document has gone past its due date 

Watches – Color code documents based on a true/false field. 

Workflow – Assign Workflow, Multi-Prompt, Restart Workflow, Terminate Workflow

Batch Actions – Change Workflow, Export all to CSV, Export all to HTML

Delete – Deletes document

Column Chooser – Choose available columns to display

[Open] Document Actions


Add to Package – [Requires PackageWorks] adds a document to an existing package (or new)

Approvals – Approve, Deny – Approve or deny a doc

Audit Info – Always Hide, Always Show, Inherit

Audit Trail -  Displays what went on in the document (from Creation to the current time you’re viewing)

Document Zoom Level – Change how zoomed in you are to your document [page]


Modify Security

Move to

Page Options – Reorder Pages, Delete Pages, Burst Content Item, Split Document


Recognition – Barcode Shortcut, OCR Shortcut – if one is checked off, should be able to left click and drag to create the recognition around an area.

Records Management

Requeue Imaging – Sends document back to Distributed Queue to render again

Save a Copy

Scan - Allows you to scan documents into the already created document. Go here to get a better description of this action.

Set due Date

Set Start Page – Can alter which page your document starts with

Show Document Text – if Document is going through an OCR Procedure in the Workflow (essentially an automated workflow) you will be able to see what the OCR is actually picking up (especially if you’re running into Exceptions)

Show Fields – this should be checked off, so that you are able to perform Workflow Actions (answering workflow Questions) or editing content fields

Thumbnails – Left, Right, Off – displays the thumbnails of all the pages in the document for easier access

Versioning – Check out, Check in, Download Draft. Click here for an explanation on versioning. 

Workflow – Assign Workflow, Change Assignee, Remove From Workflow, Restart Workflow, View Triggers

View Image – Allows you to see the image

View Native – Shows the native format


Workflow Tab Actions




Exclude Groups – disallows certain groups to view documents


Save a Copy

Set Due Date

Set Priority – Allows to set how important a document is, allowing users to see it and determine if it should be processed quicker


Workflow – Change Assignee, Change Workflow, Multi Prompt, Retry Exceptions, Restart Workflow, Terminate Workflow, Remove from Workflow

Batch Actions – Change Workflow

Delete Document

Column Chooser