Description: Needing to print your document? Here are ways to do so.

Software: 18.2 settings are little different than previous versions. I will display bother versions of User Preferences to assist.


*You Will need the Right to Export/Output for the documents security class.

*Also Make Sure your Client is Running and Connected to the Right PC (the current one you're on).

Go to Actions > Print

Client Connected (The option to Select Native, PDF 

or TIFF [image]; to include Annotations, redactions and        Client NOT Connected (No Options)

to save/open all as one file)

Proceed with all the options to get your document to print out.

If you are having issues with your client connected, you can always try this option: 

Go to the upper right corner where it says "DocStar" and click User Preferences:

17.52 and previous versions: Open "Environment" and uncheck "Print"

18.2: Go to Settings and uncheck "Print" under "Use Client Services when available"

If you are still finding you are having an issue printing. Just choose Actions > Save a Copy. This will download out of Docstar and you can print it from your desktop/downloads folder.