Description: Here is an article that shows/links to all the different ways to import documents into Docstar.

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Capture Tab

1) We have Articles that will walk you through how to import or scan documents directly from Docstar. 

Here is a guide on the Capture Tab, describing each action: Capture Tab Help

Most scanners are compatible in Docstar. Here you will find a short list, but specifically what is required for a scanner to work in the system: Compatible Scanners for DocStar ECM.

Although devices like Printers and Copiers are less likely to work in the system and will require Batch Imports to be set up. Further in this article, you will find out what is needed for a Batch Import and how one is set up (do not worry, we are still here to help if you are unsure).

Once the scanner is installed properly and no errors occur - you need to make sure you Eclipse Client Service is running and logged in with the credentials of the user in the system. If one is not installed, or you are unsure how to configure it - check out this article: How To: Install and configure the DocSTAR Client Service.

If there is trouble with the client, we have an array of articles that will assist you through making sure things: Docstar Client Services - Article Group.

It is strongly suggested that you Direct Scan documents, rather than Preview Scan. Documents that are scanned in Preview will remain in the capture tab and will NOT Upload until you select and upload. If you do not realize documents are sitting there, they will expire. The issue with this is that it can 

2) The next option is Browse (to import). This feature is good if users do not all need to use the scanner or even have access to it. It is also not required to have a Client running for it to work. Although, if the client is not running (or logged in properly), this restricts how large the document you import, as well as how it gets imported. 

Windows File Select – Uses the operating system to select files to import.  Multiple files can be selected (Hold ctrl+click).  Option only available through client services.

Mobile File Select – Used to select files to import that may be located on another device. This option requires client services for both configuration and utilization.

Browser File Select – Uses the browser to select a single file to import

 Modules: Print Import, Office Integration, Send To

1) Office Integration works directly with Outlook for you to be able to import emails into Docstar.  You will need to install the module first and restart outlook.  Once this is completed you will find Docstar at the top. Test it by selecting an email, going to Docstar and "Save to DocStar"

A new window will pop up for you to choose its destination in Docstar. Hit Upload and your document will be searchable to anyone with access to that Security Class.

2) Print Import is a module found in your Docstar/Eclipse Client Service.  The print import module installs a printer that sends directly to Docstar.  You can open documents in any program (Adobe, Word, Internet Browser) and import them into your Docstar.

Simply by going to File > Print and select "Docstar PDF" from the dropdown.

Once you hit print, a new window pops up for you to be able to designate the documents Content Type/Security Class for retrieval.

Third Party Integrations

Here is a small list of some of the popular third party integrations that Docstar uses. For more programs, you can contact a 

1) Ancora - We recently acquired and started integrating this software in April 2019. This program can automatically classify documents such as Invoices, Statements, Bills of Lading, Packing Slips and Purchase orders. A great feature is that this program keeps up-to-date and informs its customers to ensure compliance with best practice and regulatory requirements to ensure the security of your documents. For more information, please call one of our sale specialist and potentially schedule a demo. You may also view the website for snippets of the program and what it's about. 

2) Artsyl Artsyl Product(s) - These products, integrated with Docstar, assists users doing: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Processing, Expense Management, Human Resource Onboarding and Employee Administration and Medical Claims. These services can be supported on a Client/Server base or there is a Cloud option. You may rummage through the products website to get more of an understanding, or call into one of our Sale Specialists who can give more of a lowdown and potentially schedule a demo.  Go Here for more information.

3) Frevvo - Is a form building software we sell that is used for anything from HR New Hire to forms to better your business. You can find more information on Frevvo by accessing their Documentation Page. You can Also find out more by contacting our sales reps and scheduling a demo to better serve you. 

4) Ratchet - "Ratchet-X Desktop RPA is RatchetSoft’s attended bot technology proudly serving the needs of tens of thousands of users every day, and handling millions of transaction a month. Frequent and tedious transactions like re-keying search data into multiple applications to get a 360 degree view of a customer, typing phone numbers into dialers, cutting and pasting data from one application to other applications or generating emails that contain application screen data, are just a few examples of the kinds of time consuming and error prone transactions Ratchet-X effortlessly performs on behalf of workers. " Ratchet's software comes on prem or cloud based. You can reach out to our knowledgeable sales reps for more information or check out the program's website for a bit more of in depth description.  

5) RPM - Remote Print Manager - print server software for Windows platforms, which offers many print workflow capabilities.  There are many products that are just too extensive to list. They are located on This page of the main website. If you have anymore questions regarding implementing this service, please reach out to our knowledgeable sales reps. 

Reaching out to the sales reps is simple:

Phone: 888.934.4443

FAX: 603.626.0096

Sales is also reachable through our Mother Website: PIFTECHNOLOGIES.COM

You can open a Chat at the bottom right corner with a section for Sales.

The chat is also accessible through the front page of our support site.