Description: An error that deters scanning. There are several resolutions that could solve this problem.

Version: All


1)  Check if the Client is Logged in properly:

The Scanning will not work properly if you are not logged into Docstar and Docstar Client as the same user.

2) Restart the Client (Close and reopen).

Like a computer, certain software can freeze up after a period of time. You will need to close the client and then open it back up again.

If you are unsure on how to open ( or restart ) there is a following article for Restarting a Client

3) Power Cycle the Scanner.

Previously mentioned in the last solution, the scanner should be restarted every so often (Shut Down over the weekends - if work is not done then).

For your assistance, we have an article to guide you through this. How To: Power Cycle a Scanner

4) If all the previous steps fail, you should uninstall the client. It could be malfunctioning, so refreshing it would be good idea. In this case, we don't 

want to start from a completely fresh start.

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall Eclipse Client Service, Imaging Support, Eclipse ISIS Scanning Support

5) Lastly, uninstalling the drivers. Like the above Solution, you will want to open your Control Panel > Programs

Uninstall EVERYTHING Panasonic - including IMAGE CAPTURE PLUS (Drives are not highlighted, as you may have different ones). Suggest that you have your scanner off and unplugged from your PC.