Description: The 3065 isn't as compatible with server 2016/2012 and windows 10 as it is with Windows 7. 

Symptoms: If you open the Panasonic user utility or even the Panasonic user utility, you'll see red text that indicates the scanner is not connected. The device manager might even show the Panasonic 3065 as having an error.

Process for fix:

I'm attaching the STI drivers and the service utility, but you'll need to download the 3065 ISIS drivers from the Panasonic driver download page.

1. From the device manager, expand imaging devices, right click on Panasonic 3065 and choose uninstall. Make sure to check "uninstall device drivers" when Windows asks you to confirm.

2. Uninstall all Panasonic software.

2. Install STI drivers first

3. Run the Panasonic service utility. You should see that scanner is connected.

4. Install the 3065 isis driver package. (Linked to the End User Agreement/Download page as Drivers are too large to upload)

5. Restart Docstar client and confirm scanner shows under the capture tab.

6. Docstar site should now see the scanner as a device.