Description: In versions 18.2+ you will find a new Administrative Action called "Group Preferences".  Group Preferences are for users who you want to control what their preferences. This works great for users who only edit documents or only scan. Fair WarningUsers must only belong to ONE group for the preferences to take place. If they belong to more than one, it will be overridden.

Software: 18.2+


You must have Administrative Rights to Create/Delete Groups


  1. At least One other group other than "Default" and "Users" must be created.
  2. Users must be added to that group without any administrative rights - this will override the actions.
  3. Users must only be in this group, not in any of the DEFAULT or USERS.

1) Go to the Admin Tab > Group Preferences > Select the group from the drop-down and hit the "+" button.

2) Click the little pencil to edit the user preferences.

3) Select the user preferences for this group and hit save. If you aren't sure what certain things are, you can hover over the "i" for information:

In my test, I will disable certain tabs. You will see my group, which has test users, the preferences I edited for "The Boring Group" and show you the test login: