Rather than create multiple scan settings, which can get confusing for the scanning user, I've configured a default template which does everything that 99% of users require.


These optimal scan settings (for any Panasonic scanner) work for both single and double sided documents, mix sized paper, and will split whenever there's a blank front page. Blank back pages are removed. This means that a front sided only document will scan front and back pages, but will drop the backside. Doubled sided documents will scan in fine as well. When it sees that the front of a page is blank, a new document will be created. 


  • Click 'new' 

  1. Name this scanner setting. I prefixed it with scanner model, 5055, and then default

  2. Check - Duplex

  3. Check - Remove Blank pages

  4. Blank page threshold: 40 pixels

  5. Blank Page Margin: 150,150,150,150

  6. Document split method: select blank page

  7. Split detect sides: 'front'

  8. Click 'advanced settings'

        9. (There is no 9th step) 

10. Click the 'Common' tab

11. Automatic crop -> check 'Enable'

12. Check 'Select max paper size'

  1. Click 'Basic' tab

  2. Paper source: 'ADF duplex'

  3. Page size: 'scanner's maximum'

  4. Check 'automatic image orientation'

  5. check 'automatic crop'

  6. check 'deskew'

  1. Press OK

  2. Click 'Save'