The Eclipse Client (blue globe icon) makes a connection between your PC and the web browser. If you are not connected this way, then scanning, email, and printing into DocStar most likely won’t work correctly. There are a few scenarios that could cause this issue.


The first thing we need to check is the capture tab (see image below for what to check).

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  • If it says “Epicor ECM client connected” or along these lines, see #1 (Eclipse Client is not running) below.
  • If it says “The Epicor ECM client has disconnected” OR “No Epicor ECM available” or along these lines, see #2 (Eclipse Client is not running) below.


  1. Connected to more than one client or no client selected
    1. Go to the capture tab and hover the mouse over where it says “Epicor ECM client connected” This will tell you what machine you are connected to.
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    2. Now click on where it says “Epicor ECM client connected", select the correct machine on the drop-down list, and click okay.
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    3. Now your scanner and or email/print prompts will show on this PC rather than the one it was connected to before.


  1. Eclipse Client is not running: Let’s check if your Eclipse Client is currently running.
    1. At the bottom right of your PC where the time display is, there’s a little arrow pointing upwards. Click on that to reveal the system tray icons. Look for or . Hover over the icons to make sure they don’t disappear.
      • If you see either of those icons skip to #3 (The wrong user is logged in)
    2. Click on your Windows start button at the bottom left and scroll down till you find “Eclipse Client Service”. Click on that then the icon from (one of the two above) and this will start the client up.
      • The icon will now show at the bottom right and will connect automatically. You may need to refresh your page (F5) to get the scanner to show.


  1. The wrong user is logged in: The user logged in on the client must match the user in the browser.
    1. Open the Eclipse Client by going to the system tray and clicking on the icon. Look for or .
    2. Once open (See image below), go to the Login tab if you're not there already. If it’s logged in, correctly, you’ll see 2 green checkmarks.
      • In the example image below we only have one checkmark which means it’s not currently logged in.
      • Check the DocStar URL. This will be different for you, you can see what the web address is in the web browser. You only need to copy up to where it says /EclipseWeb. For example http://servername/Eclipseweb
      • Username, This is usually your email address, enter that, click login and it will have you enter your credentials or click Single Sign-On button if you use that.
      • After doing this it should populate 2 green checkmarks and it should automatically connect to the browser.
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