I find the best default scan setting is to configure blank page separation on a blank front page.

  • Enable duplex.
  • Enable blank page removal with a blank page threshold and margins set.
  • Enable document split method: blank page and split detect front side.

Note: If you enable auto size detection or deskew in Docstar's scan settings, blank page split won't work. Deskew and/or auto size detection (auto crop) need to be enabled in advanced settings instead.

Click "advanced settings"

Automatic color detection (will scan in color when there's a color page). Set to black and white if color scan not needed.

Scanner's Maximum

Feeder (both sides) : This scans in duplex

Continuous scan = off

Click 'Advanced'. 

Click the 'page' category'. Enable 'automatic size (long page).

Now it auto crops (allows for mixed paper size scanning including extra long receipts, etc), but it no longer separates on the blank page. So now:

Turn blank page detection 'off'

That's all.

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