Description: Operation Cannot Complete, the Client service selected is not Currently Available

Software Version: All

Solution:  The Eclipse Automation Service (on the Server) is not running.

Step 1: Access Connection Source Settings

  • Go to the Admin tab in Docstar and locate the Integrations tab underneath Processes
  • Confirm that you see what looks similar to what is listed above, or that you don't see the proper server name.

Step 2: Restart the Automation Service

  1. First and typical solution is to follow the steps outlined in this article below.
  2. If the above does not work, try going into the ECM Client that is located in the System Tray and select Recconnect in the bottom right corner of the Log In tab.

Step 3: Confirm that Step 2 Resolved Issue

  • Refer to Step 1 and check to make sure that the initial error is no longer there as well as the proper source being referenced in Step 1 is solid as well.