Description: If you have information that is found in many different documents and needs to be changed across each of them, the solution below allows you to do just that.

In this example, we will be changing the last name of a tenant from John Doe to John Deer.

Bulk Edit Fields

Step 1: Add The Field You Are Changing To Your Search Criteria

  1. Go to the retrieve tab and select the lines next to the Actions and the Limit
  2. From there go to the left column it brings up and scroll down to and click the field you are working with
  3. You should now see the selected field in the right column. Click and drag the column to the top in order to present it on the search results

Step 2: Search For The Content You Are Trying To Change

  1. Create a query to look for your content
    1. Change the Content Type
    2. Change the operator to EQUALS
    3. Change the content to what you are looking for
    4. (You may need to add more search fields to narrow down the search to the right documents)
    5. Click Search

Step 3: Change The Content

  1. You should now see all of the results that have the content you are looking for. Verify this is isolated to the information you are wanting to change.
    1. Select all of the documents by clicking the top left Check Box
    2. Once you have the desired documents selected, select the Pencil Icon next to the field you are wanting to change the content of
    3. You should now be able to change the content of all of the selected documents by typing in the new information and click OK

  2. Once the above steps are complete, the data should automatically change. Create a new search using the actions in Step 2 to search for the new content that you have changed to. Verify that everything changed properly.