Description: In order for PiF to provide technical support, we'll most often need to establish a remote connection to the affected PC/server.


*The File that gets downloaded is a JPNL file. This file uses Java to run. If you are finding difficulty getting the program to run, please ensure your Java is up-to-date or enabled.

1. Go to through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome). I'm using Chrome for this example. 

2. The technician will either give you a code to enter or to find a public session on the list. In this example, I'll join the public session called "My PC" by clicking on the right facing arrow.

**Procedure is the same if you are given a code. Just input code into the text box.

3.  The connectwise file will download. You'll need to open/run it after it downloads. 

a. In Google Chrome, the download/run process looks like this:

b. Downloading in Firefox is different. You are asked whether to save the file first. Click 'save file.' Next, you'll see a download popup appear. Click on the file to open it. Proceed to step 5.

c. In Internet Explorer, you are asked whether you want to run the file. Click 'run.' Proceed to step 5.

4. Click run. 

5. You'll see a user account control window. Select 'yes'.

Any other questions, ask the tech on the other end. We can help walk you through the process. If this website is blocked because of Firewalls you will need to contact your IT support. If they are unable or willing to remove the firewalls we can search other options to get connected in. 

NOTE: Connecting in without a PIF support contract can be billable. The tech on the phone with you wont suggest connecting in if you do not currently pay for a service contract. If you want us to connect in without a contract, we will need an approved contact to send email approval of any charges. We can always do our best to walk you through over the phone or you can search our Knowledge Base articles for information pertaining to your issue.