Description: When a user wishes to email directly through Docstar, there are 2 options available to view the document. 

Software Version: All

Solution: This article refers to Docstar configurations that has an SMTP server enabled for incoming and outgoing mail. Please view the article here for instructions on setting up an SMTP server: How to: Edit SMTP Settings

From the screenshot below, you can see the 2 options for sending documents via email:

Direct Link to view in Eclipse: Select this if you are emailing it to another user in Eclipse/Docstar. This way they can log in and view the document.

View Only: Allows you to email documents to people who do not use your version of Eclipse/Docstar. You can choose to send the document as an attachment or a zip file. You can also combine all the items into a single file by selecting the appropriate option. You may also wish to send only specific pages or as a different file type.