Description: A page goes in terribly (or an extra page goes in) and you need to delete it without deleting the whole document. 

Software: All


1) Open up the document that needs to have a page (or two+) removed.

Make sure your Thumbnails are open, as this will help! (Actions > Thumbnails> Left/Right)

*Deleting a Single Page*

2) Right click the page you would like to delete. and select "Delete Pages".

3) Confirm this is the page you're looking to delete;

*Deleting Multiple Pages*

The Process is the same, except you're going to hold SHIFT and CLICK The Pages that need to Go. This will highlight All the Pages between your first click and your last click. 

If the pages are NOT Consecutive, you will hold CTRL and click those pages. You will Right Click on a highlighted page and continue the process you would for a SINGLE PAGE.

1) These actions can also be found in the Actions Menu dropdown: