Description: Hitting the Single Sign on button no longer yields a login.

Software: all


There have been an array of answers to this issue. It ranges from restarting the computer to just changing your browser. Sometimes the user will just need to be reintegrated (a tiring process, but if it works, you can't complain ^_^)

1) Try another browser. At times, Internet Explorer will refuse to do "single Sign On", even other browsers just fail to work. Updates are common with browsers that heighten security, this can break your integration. We STRONGLY suggest users move away from Internet Explorer and use more safer, updated Browsers (Firefox, Chrome...). Attempting to do Single Sign on on another browser might prompt a popup to confirm your Username and password (your Eclipse/Docstar Email and Windows Password)

2) Restart your PC.  There is a possible disconnect between the LDAP Server and your computer. 

3) Having the user imported again. A tedious process, but sometimes the connection is just broken. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU CREATE A TEMP USER SO THAT WHEN YOU DELETE THE PROFILE THAT IS BROKEN, YOU TRANSFER ALL THE WORK TO THAT TEMP USER. Once the user has been imported back in (Maybe Test) you can delete the temp user and transfer all the data back to the user.