Description: The right click -> send to -> Docstar cloud is a feature that is built into the client as an easy way to send documents to Docstar straight from its location. It is reliant on a shortcut to the Astria.Client.SendTo.exe application in the eclipse client services folder. There are some scenarios where after the client is installed, the option won't appear however.        

Software Version: any


1. Open up Run (either through the start menu or by using the windows key + R) and type in the following: shell:sendto

This command will open the following folder:

2. Right click in the folder window, hover over new, and then select shortcut.

3. This will open up a window where you can browse to the Astria.Client.SendTo.exe which is located in the Eclipse Client Service folder. The picture below has the default location where it installs.

4. Click Next, give the shortcut a name like Docstar and then save. After that, you will now have the option to send documents directly to Docstar when you right click on them.