1. Open the document you need to reorder and make sure your thumbnails are showing.
    • If your thumbnails aren't showing, go to Actions --> Thumbnails --> Left/Right
  2. Navigate to the page(s) you need to reorder on the thumbnails by scrolling up and down on them .
  3. Select the page you want to reorder, it will show you it's selected by a light blue outline around it.
    • If you have multiple pages to select, you can hold the CTRL button and click on the pages you need to select.
    • If you need to select a range of pages you can also hold the shift button and click (ex. pages 5-10; would be done by clicking page 5, hold shift and click on page 10)
  4. Right click on the selected pages and click on "Reorder Pages"
  5. It will remind you which pages you selected and if it will be moved before or after the page you select.